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Cool Fibre Low NSC Easy Swelling Horse Fee


Rich in natural fibre and ‘cool' energy, CoolFibre makes a nutritious addition to any horse's feed regime.

Fibre is essential for the health and vitality of your horse. Packed with slow-release energy and vital for gut function, fibre is what horses were designed to eat.

CoolFibre preserves insulin sensitivity for a lifetime and is ideal for horses prone to lameness, laminitis and founder.

CoolFibre is a 100% natural, high-fibre feed, made from a blend of CoolStance premium copra meal, and soybean hulls.

CoolFibre can be used in place of chaff and provides safe energy from oil and fibre for weight-gain, conditioning, performance, breeding and growth.

Best of all, CoolFibre is low in NSCs (Non-Structural Carbohydrates ie. sugars and starches), so it will not cause starch-related disorders such as tying up, laminitis or excitable behaviour. Its low NSC levels (<8%) also make CoolFibre the perfect feed for horses with Cushing's Disease and EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome).

Feeding Guidelines

CoolFibre can be fed wet or dry. If you choose to soak it, simply place CoolFibre in 3 times its own volume of warm or cool water and leave it until it is soft.  If feeding CoolFibre dry, ensure your horse has constant access to ample, clean water. As with all dry feeds, some horses eat dry feed very quickly and may choke, so place a large heavy object in the feed bin to slow down the rate of eating. Do not feed dry to horses prone to choke.

Introduce CoolFibre into your horse’s diet gradually over a period of 2 weeks. CoolFibre can replace chaff but should be fed in conjunction with a source of long fibre (eg. hay or pasture).

Breeding, growing and working horses may also need an additional, good quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

Horse's Bodyweight CoolFibre (kg/day)
Horses in good body condition spelling or in light work   Horses needing to gain weight and/or pregnant/lactating or in moderate to heavy work
300kg 0.5 to 3
400kg 0.5 to 4
500kg 1.0 to 5
600kg 1.0 to 6

These feeding recommendations are intended as a guide only. The amount an individual horse requires will depend on the quality and quantity of available hay or pasture, the horse's body condition and workload or required rate of growth.

Nutrient Specifications (as fed)

Digestable Energy 11.8MJ/kg
Crude Protein 15.8%
Crude Fibre 22.8%
Crude Fat 5.1%
Lysine 4.8g/kg
Calcium 2.5g/kg
Phosphorus 3.4g/kg
Sodium 0.8g/kg
Magnesium 1.4g/kg
Chloride 0.2g/kg
Potassium 14g/kg
Copper 35mg/kg
Zinc 50mg/kg
Selenium 0.2mg/kg
Maganese 34mg/kg
Iron 303mg/kg

CoolFibre is a blend of CoolStance premium copra meal, bentonite and soybean hulls. CoolFibre is 100%  natural.

FAQs About CoolFibre

What is CoolFibre made of ?
CoolFibre is a blend of CoolStance premium copra meal and vegetable proten hulls and sodium bentonite. CoolFibre is 100%  natural!