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VitaStance, coconut meal based vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement


VitaStance® is formulated specifically for horses to provide maximum bioavailable vitamins and minerals, designed to supplement where daily intake may be lacking.

VitaStance® provides necessary vitamins, (organic) minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates. VitaStance® also contains essential fatty acid (EFA’s) co-factors required to maximise body functions for training, performance, reproduction and growth.

Benefits of VitaStance®

VitaStance® combines the highest quality ingredients in the ideal balance to provide nutritional support beyond what general feed and normal grazing conditions can provide. VitaStance® delivers equine health to an optimum plane. Horses supplemented with VitaStance® can meet the increased demands of strenuous work, minimising breaks in competition and training. 

Feeding Guidelines

Feeding Directions

Daily Feeding Rates:
Spelling & Light Work: 70g (2x 35g scoops)

Moderate Work: 105g (3x 35g scoops)

Very Heavy Work: 140g (4x 35g scoops)

Split the daily rates of VitaStance between two feeds where possible. Feeding Guidelaines are bases on a 500kg horse.

Note: Scoop is included in tub. One scoop is 35 grams.

Nutrient Specifications (as fed)

Calcium 91g
Phosphorus 0.7g
Magnesium 29.1g
Copper 1167mg
Zinc 3491mg
Selenium 16mg
Maganese 2006mg
Iodine 39mg
Iron  2348mg
Biotin 16.3mg
Cobalt 16mg
Chromium 23mg
Thiamin (B1) 800mg
Riboflavin (B2) 480mg
Vitamin B6 800mg
Vitamin B12  1200 IU/kg
Niacin 640mg
Lysine  54.7g
Methionine  44.9g
Threonine  35g 
Pantothenic Acid 736mg
Folic Acid 80mg
Vitamin A 400,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E 9600IU/kg
Vitamin K 200 IU/kg
 Vitamin D 39900 IU/kg


Store VitaStance® in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

VitaStance® has been developed from Stance Equine quality ingredients and Equitec Performance Products formulation philosophy. 

FAQs About VitaStance

If you have any Questions regarding our VitaStance product please send us an email to