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CoolStance copra is a unique horse feed because it has low Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC), and yet has a high digestible energy content.
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PowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement. PowerStance delivers the secret ingredient from CoolStance as a powder.
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Success Story

ExRacehorse Cool as Cucumber

Name Date Location
Meg Brown 05-Feb-2013 Scottland UK
Horse Breed Primary Horse Activity Prior Horse Condition Stance Product Used
Fizzy Hot and Excited
CoolStance Copra
Before After

I have had issues finding feed high enough in calories to put condition on my ex racer without making him fizzy. Tried all the usual 'calm', 'cool' well known makes and settled on Top Spec conditioning cubes with balancer. He was putting on weight and looking well - but I was going through a bag a week and it was slow progress!! The feed salesgirl put me onto this. I would say in two weeks I could see a difference, definite covering over ribs, shiny coat (bearing in mind he is grey!!) and as cool as a cucumber to boot!! Hacked him out for first time since Nov yesterday and didnt put a foot wrong....took him SJ last week, also first time since Nov and much more relaxed and focused. I put this down to his new feed of CoolStance and haven’t even finished the bag yet - it lasts for ages!! Happier purse and rounder, happier horse - all good!! No after pics yet - but will send on!  I am taking him to dressage on Saturday so will get some pics taken then.  I also have some from a Summer when he was skinny boy so although this was while before using CoolStance, they show how much condition he has gained.  A friend has some directly before changing feeds though so I will ask her for them and send on. My stockist is Norvite in Aberdeen and it was the feed girl there who advised me to try CoolStance.  She said she had been using it for her horse and it may have been helping with its condition.  The trouble I had was that my horse is ex racing TB so pretty highly strung so I couldn't just pile cereals into him.  'Calm and Condition' was advised by livery yard owner but it made him loopy!!  More like Chaos and Condition!! He raced for 9 or 10 yrs and I have had him 16 months now.  It has taken sooo long to get any topline as needed decent covering before getting muscle.  He was a successful racer, racing in UK Grand National 2007 (I think or round about that year) and also he won Welsh Grand National and was third in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.  Mill Reef is his grandsire and Royal Charter his sire so he is quite a famous wee man, excellent modeling rates haha!!  Will attach a pic just now of him last year so you get some idea of what he is like.  He has images racing on google and is called Kandjar D'Allier.